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Реферат Aerospace industry in the Russian province



1.Current status of the RussianAviation and Space Industry

1.1The value of the aerospace industryto the economy

1.2 Terms of air Industry

1.3 The modern potential of the Russianaviation industry


3. SOLUTIONSstrategic objective of development of domestic aviation

3.1 Voronezh Region

3.3 Samara Region

3.4 Perm Region

3.5 Penza region




Aerospaceindustry is a collection of enterprises engaged in designing, manufacturing andtesting aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and ships, as well as their engines andavionics (electrical and electronic equipment, etc.). These companies arepublicly owned or private owners. This industry has a great defense, overalleconomic and scientific importance for both developed and rapidly developingcountries.

Featuresof the aerospace industry, is that the production equipment of one of the mostintellectually wealthy and technically advanced industries of the countrycorrespond to the complexity of its products. It is widely used and modernmachines, and manual labor of highly qualified professionals. Research anddevelopment work preceded the issuance of all new types of products theaerospace industry, except for small civil aircraft (their production is oftenborrows the results of surveys from other areas of technology).

Thepace of development of the aerospace industry has surpassed other sectors andbecome crucial for modern civilization.

Relevanceof the research topic. Aerospace Industry has an important political andeconomic importance. It is largely determined by the industrial potential andprestige of the state: its companies supply their products to domestic andforeign markets, provide orders of other branches of the economy, providingmany jobs. And today, when the use of specific features of rocket-spacedevelopment has become a common practice in many areas of science, themilitary-industrial complex and the national economy, the efficient developmentof the domestic space is becoming increasingly important, especially for themaintenance of defense and Russia's competitiveness in the world.

ForRussia, due to geopolitical reasons astronautics has always had and will havespecial significance. In today's world almost any large-scale socio-economic,scientific and defense programs cannot be effectively implemented without theuse of possibilities of space-rocket industry.

Theaim of the course work is to study the problems of strategy and solutions toproblems existing in the aviation industry. The object of research is thedevelopment of the aerospace industry of the Russian industry in the province.

1. Current statusof the Russian Aviation and Space Industry

Asyou know, post-industrial economy - it's the economy, an essential conditionfor the functioning of which is the application of scientific knowledge, theuse of substantial resources and funds for technical, scientific andtechnological development. Among the priorities of its development, such asinformation technology, biotechnology in medicine, nanotechnology, environment,nuclear research, and several others, always present in aviation and space.Therefore, the ineffective use and the more expensive the potential loss of theaerospace industry is one of the most serious issues facing the Russian high-techindustry in the reform.

1.1 The value of the aerospace industry tothe economy

ModernRussian aircraft industry is one of the most promising areas of the Russianeconomy over the next decade. Production and technological potential accumulatedin the industry for decades of its existence, in many respects, especially inthe military aviation sector is still greatly exceeds the achievements ofleading industrialized countries.

Thecontinued presence of Russian enterprises of the aviation industry on globalmarkets, particularly in the international market of military aviation. Thesuccessful promotion of domestic aviation is associated with the toughcompetition with world leaders, united in large diversified aerospace and spacecorporation. Naturally, to preserve the sovereignty, economic development,including employment highbrow work, and social spheres of Russia with its vastterritory will always be necessary to ensure independence in aviationtechnology for military aircraft, for the development of air-spacecommunications, to maintain their infrastructure, and hence will need advancedaviation industry.

Theexisting international system of regulation of aviation activities and theever-increasing requirements for aerospace technology, its reliability, safety,economy, environmental impact, require many innovations and legacies of basicand applied research and development.

Fromthe perspective of the base of innovation and technological development of theRussian economy the significance of the aerospace industry cannot be overstated- So large scale and range of its scientific, technical and technologicalachievements and interests.

1.2Terms of air Industry

Whentowards the aviation industry was government consistent scientific andindustrial policy, it is at the forefront - and in the scientific and technicallevel aerospace, and manufacturing scale. Industry was one of the world leadersin the development and manufacture of civil (the first jet and the firstsupersonic airliners - domestic) and military aircraft and helicopters foralmost all types. Achieving good results provided a number of factors: theindustry had a centralized management system, enjoyed the privilege of priorityof resources (financial, personnel, logistics), developed in a balanced currentand future plans and targeted programs within the industry-specific (noteconomic) means to maintain competition various scientific and engineering schoolsand industries, and carries out scientific-technical policy of uniform rules,requirements, state and industry standards, regulations, certification systems,etc.

Sincethe beginning of market-oriented economic reforms, to the liquidation of alarge-scale policy of state support of the aviation industry was in deepcrisis. Become critical factors in domestic demand and government funding,which fell sharply.

Theprocess of radical transformation of the socialist economy into a capitalistneeds to be managed. Dismantling of a centralized management system, providingfiscal, industrial, social stability of the economy, was not and could not besupported by the establishment in a short time the entire system of necessaryand well-functioning market institutions to ensure its stable operation at alllevels of the economy. As a result of major economic entities (enterprises)were found in the economic environment, devoid of mechanisms for theircoordinated interaction. In these circumstances, the aviation industry, as wellas before the military-industrial complex as a whole, got a number of problemsthat require quick decisions. One such problem - the lack of specialists in theorganization of marketing networks, marketing, complex and quite specific products.During its production in a centralized system of governance was not necessary -the formation of state order, its financing and distribution has been theexclusive function of government. Another necessary condition for improving theefficiency of the industry is to improve the organization, management practicesand technologies. In the Russian economy a single aerospace complex untilfinally formed, if we evaluate the degree of rationality of its institutional,scientific and industrial structure. Historically, aviation and space industryhave evolved in terms of organizational and technological interaction isrela...

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