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Реферат Computer technology


Nearlyeverything we do in the world is helped, or even controlled by computers.Computers are used more and more often in the world today because they are farmore efficient than human beings. They have much better memory and can store ahuge amount of information.

Just astelevision has extended human sight across the barriers of time and distance,so the computers extend the power of the human mind across the existingbarriers.

Ordinarycomputer can remember only the data stored in hard disk. Now scientists havedesigned machines which are capable to learn from experience and remember whatthey have learnt. Such a machine is capable to recognize objects without humanhelp or control.

The Internetis a global collection of different type computer networks that are linkedtogether. Some refer to the Internet as the information superhighway. TheInternet enables a person to exchange information with other computer usersfrom anyplace of the world. The final destination may be in a different citiesor countries.

It also offersa rapidly growing collection of information, with topics ranging from medicineto science and technology. It features exhaustive material about arts as wellas research material for students and coverage of recreation, entertainment,sports, shopping, and employment opportunities. The Internet provides access toalmanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and maps.

A commonresource provided by the Internet is a worldwide system for sending andreceiving electronic mail, known as E-mail. Unlike the regular mail, E-mailoften reaches its destination, even on other continents, in minutes or less.

There are,however, some disturbing aspects to consider. Study of the social andpsychological effects of Internet showed that Internet-addicted peopleexperience higher levels of depression and lowliness than those people who usethe computer network less frequently. Researchers found that using of computerand Internet causes a decline in psychological well-being.

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