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Реферат Criticism of Vladimir Propp's Theory on Genesis of Magic Fairy Tales 'Structure

UkrainianNational Academy of Science

HumanitarianEducational Centre





Criticismof Vladimir Propp's

Theoryon Genesis of Magic FairyTales 'Structure


Autograph- CHE UNSA


ББК 71-0


УДК 008-1

OlexanderKyryliuk . ANTI-PROPP. Criticism of Vladimir Propp's Theory on Genesis ofMagic Fairy Tales Structure. - Odessa: Autograph/CHE UNSA, 2009. - P. 50. (Engl.).

Separate English supplement (Topics) to the book:

OlexanderKyryliuk. Weltanschauung Categories of Ultimate Bases in the Universal CultureDimensions. - [Ukrainian National Academy of Science Ninetieth Anniversary; InCommemoration of Academician Volodymyr Shуnkarуuk (80-th anniversary): Photocoupled with wife]./Abst. in Russian. pp. 357-389/Bibl. pp. 392-411. /English Summary./Abbrev.// UNSA Humanitarian Educational Centre: Odessaphilosophy department// Odessa, Ukraine: Autograph Publish. House. -2008. - 416 рр.. In Ukrainian)

ОлександрКирилюк. АНТИ-Проппа. Критика Теорії В. Проппа Зі структури чарівної казки та їїгенезису. - Одеса: Автограф/ЦГО НАНУкраїни. - 2009. - 50 с. (Англ. мова).

Окрема додатокдо книги (автореферат англійською): КирилюкО.С. Світогляднікатегорії граничних підстав в універсальніх вімірах культури. - Монографія. -[Текст] -/дев'яностоРОКІВ Національній академії наук України./До восьмідесятіріччя академікаВолодимира Іларіоновіча Шинкарук (фото з дружиною)./Автореф. книги ріс. мовою сс. 357-389; резюме англ. мовою; списокскорочень; бібліограф. сс. 392-411./Олександр Сергійович Кирилюк - Одеса: Центр Гуманітарної освіти НАН України. Одеський філіал/Автограф. - 2008. - 416 с. (Укр.мов.)

ISBN 966-96048-7-7

В© О.С. Кирилюк,2009


An originalauthor conception of Existential Semiotics is being developed in the monograph.The methodological basis of the research is the results of studying the problem"Human being - world" at Kуivan School of Philosophy. The world isunderstood as a projection of human senses on objective reality. But as themost meaningful human senses are existential senses, world on the whole, andits separate parts and phenomena get the indicated human measuring, foremost,in the maximum terms of the beginning and the end, life and death. Such are notonly religious but also modern physical pictures of the world and history andpolitical theories.

These ultimatesenses form stable invariants of cultural discourses, in other words, they makeculture universalias. These are the Categories of Ultimate Bases or - birth,life, death and immortality, and world-view codes, - alimentary , erotic , aggressive and informative , and also their combinations andformula "life - death - immortality".

They form notonly the core basis of culture texts, but also serve as the analytical languageof description of these texts.

Defining theinvariant elements of a fairy-tale structure is the applied version of thesearch of culture invariants. On the basis of his own conception Me authorprovides a falsification of theory of V. Propp, which asserts, that thestructure of a fairy-tale is formed by transformation of functions offairy-tale characters into semantic units and that a fairy-tale is thereflection of reality, first of all - the initiation ceremony.

This falsificationis due to acceptance of such base concepts, which are in conflict with it. Thefalsification of consequences of the theory, which has been conducted, definedfalsification of all theoretical system, where these consequences had beentaken from (modus tollens). Its falsification has been also proved by the factthat this work managed not only to open "reproduction effect", butalso to set up and prove the empiric hypothesis of low level of universality,which describes this effect (K. Popper).

This empiricfalsifying hypothesis confirms that any empiric culture text in a specific formthrough the historically preconditioned concepts reproduce a base universalcultural formula "death-immortality".

The universalutterances of metaphysical, philosophical worldview appear on its basis. Thecritical review of V. Propp's conception showed that in the reconstruction of afairy-tale structure he stopped on the superficial, second-rate level ofelements of its structure.

On the basisof this falsification in this monograph the author puts forward his ownconception not only of the description, but also of explanation the source ofstructuring of cultural discourses. The factors, which determine the structureof culture texts, are base existential options of human being.

These optionsas a result reproduce such a world of signs and meanings, which are identicalin any culture. Because of it the humanity is united and indivisible not onlyin an anthropological, but also in cultural and historical aspect. People ofdifferent cultures differ one from another not in what they do exactly, but inhow they do it.


1. Philosophical and methodological basis of the Weltanschauung Categories of Ultimate Bases researching

The mainfactors that determine the failures of applied structuralism, the study offolklore or ethnopoetry in the search of invariants of the texts of culture aretheir inability to find an adequate methodological ensuring for solving itsapplied problems, admission of the secondary epiphenomenal structures of the textsas the subject of investigation, ignoring the philosophical and Weltanschauung-ideologicalapproach in the structurally-typological investigations of culture. In theresearch there is shown a positive effectiveness of implementation of theresults of scientific investigations of Kуivan School of Philosophy in theprocess of detection of culture invariants (or culture universalias) that focusedon the problem of human relation to the world. A foundation is given to theauthor's conception of interpretation of Weltanschauung (worldview) Categories of Ultimate Bases as the genuineinvariants of culture (Culture Universalias). There is offered a hypothesisthat one notional invariant - Categories of Ultimate Bases is at the heart ofall the system of cultural texts (discourses).

World is the worldof a person, a projection of human senses to an objective reality. Thereforethe major meanings of the world, inspite of their apparent objectivity, are inherently anthropomorphous. Objectiveparameters of the world in their universal meanings fix categories ofphilosophy. But, being formsof thinking, they simultaneously act as total forms of worldview. In this function theyserve as a concretedefinition ofthe Categories of Ultimate Bases. This proceeds from the fact that in conceptually-philosophicalmodels of theworld the Philosophic Categories are Weltanschauung and theoretical generalizationsof the Categories of Ultimate Bases.

Since theworld in its intrinsic definitions depends on aperson, for the profound comprehension of the world it becomes obviouslynecessary to solve the problem of human essence. To put it otherwise, definingthe world as projection of humanly significant senses on an objective realityplaces the emphasis on the very person. Hence in the research there wereconsidered the typological approximations to a person. The first of them givesthe person the naturalistic and essential definitions. Usually the essence of aperson is defined by the list of the most significant indications, as it is considered, or by leading the concept person under a wider concept ( an animal, a being ) with its furtherconcretization. Nevertheless, if to recognize, that any of the mentioned intrinsicfe...

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